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2018-09-04Crops & Chemicals USA

Agribusiness Intelligence | Gain the science, technologies and contacts you need to demonstrate efficacy for your biostimulant products by attending this year’s Crops & Chemicals USA meeting, held July 23-25, 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hear from the Brightest Minds in Biostimulant Development And Production

Panel Discussion: What’s Being Done to Address Any Remaining Credibility Gap in Biostimulants and Avoid the “Snake Oil” Label?

David Beaudreau
Executive Director
U.S. Biostimulant Coalition

Case Study: Developing Biological Stacked Seed Treatments (BSST)

Pankaj Pathak, PhD
Group Leader, Formulations
Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI)

Application of Genome Editing Technology for Accelerating Crop Breeding and Seed Product Development

Qiudeng Que, PhD
Group Leader, Seeds Research
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC

Case Study: Using Trichoderma to Manipulate the Phytobiome and Improve Crop Performance

Molly Cadle-Davidson, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Advanced Biological Marketing, Inc 

Stay Ahead of Today’s Novel Biostimulant Trends and Technologies

Biostimulant Efficacy (Details)

  • Panel Discussion: What’s being done to address any remaining credibility gap in biostimulants and avoid the “snake oil” label? 
  • Case study: Demonstrating biostimulant efficacy on water/nutrients uptake and under salinity stress in greenhouse conditions
  • Case study: Connecting biostimulant use, physiological response, yield, and financial return on investment

Soil Health and the Microbiome (Details)

Case study: Using Trichoderma to manipulate the Phytobiome and improve crop performance

Soil Microbiome, Soil Health, and Yield Potential: What understanding the soil physiochemical and biological makeup tells us about soil health

Leveraging recent insights from the soil microbiome to enhance crop production

CRISPR and Gene Editing Technologies (Details)

  • Understanding CRISPR and gene editing technologies; their opportunities and challenges in agriculture
  • Case study: Examining the use of CRISPR in plant breeding / seed trait development
  • Application of genome editing technology for accelerating crop breeding and seed product development

Explore Biostimulants Sessions

Overcome Today’s Biostimulant Regulatory Hurdles

Regulator: Understanding the Food and Drug Administration’s Oversight of Safety of Food from New Plant Varieties and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture

  • Robert Merker, PhD,
  • Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer
  • US FDA

Regulator: Understanding USDA Regulation of Genome Edited Organisms

  • Neil Hoffman, PhD,
  • Chief Scientific Advisor, Biotechnology Regulatory Services
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Regulator: Essential Insight from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) on New Technologies and Biologics Registrations

  • Robert McNally, Director
  • Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention
  • US EPA

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