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2016-09-14First TRIZ Argentine Congress. Creativity and Innovation applied to the development of new Products and Processes.

| General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, Argentina14 - 16 September 2016

We aim to hold the 1 development of new Products and Processes as a meeting point for the researchers in I+D+i, with the purpose of presenting lines of research; innovative developments and their transfer to the industrial sector. st TRIZ Argentine Congress, Creativity and Innovation applied to the

The meeting was scheduled considering the presentation of research papers and the holding of plenary conferences with invited experts.


  • TRIZ methodology teaching in Engineering. 
  • Creative problems resolution in the Manufacturing Industry. 
  • TRIZ methodology application to Industrial Processes. 
  • TRIZ sustainable methodology design. 
  • TRIZ as a starting point for technological entrepreneurship.

Key Dates


Abstracts submission guidelines

The abstract must consist of one full page, size A4, and comply with the following margins: 2.5 cm superior, inferior, right and left. The font must be Times New Roman, size 12, throughout the text, except the headline, whose size must be size 12 but in capital letters and bold type.

The spacing between lines must be simple, with a space among paragraphs.

Under the title, the name of the author/s must be indicated and their memberships (center, group, department, School, University, Company). The email address of the author must be included. Said email address will be the means of communication between the Organizing Committee and the authors from that moment.


The abstracts can be submitted either in Spanish or in English.


  • National Technological University. Science, Technology and Postgraduate Secretariat. 
  • UTN. National Technological University. Science and Technology Secretariat. 
  • UTN. National Technological University. Mechanical Engineering Department. 


Yamila Santarossa: ysantarosa@frgp.utn.edu.ar
Leandro Santarossa: lsantarossa@frgp.utn.edu.ar

Información del evento

  • General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Argentina
  • 14 - 16 de septiembre de 2016
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