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2016-02-19Green Process Engineering Congress (GPE 2016)

| After Toulouse, Venice, Kuala Lumpur and Sevilla, the next Green Process Engineering Congress, GPE 2016, will be held in Quebec, 19th-24th June.

GPE 2016 is the 5th International Congress on Green Process Engineering. The first four congresses have been extremely successful (Toulouse in 2007, Venice in 2009, Kuala Lumpur in 2011 and Sevilla in 2014) and have attracted between 200 and 350 participants from academia, industry, and research organizations from around the world. A similar success is expected for the fifth International Congress on Green Process Engineering. The proposed venue is the Fairmont Hotel in Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, a superb mountain resort location provides an environment favoring knowledge exchange, networking, the generation of new ideas, and the acceleration of applications that will benefit society.

GPE 2016 will provide an exceptionally stimulating international forum for presentation of commercial applications, emerging technologies and scientific advancements in the area of green process engineering.

The format of the congress will be of a “retreat-style”. There will be no parallel sessions in order to allow all participants to attend and contribute to all presentations. Apart from 4 plenary lectures of 30 minutes each, the regular contributions will consist of short oral presentations (10 minutes) to be delivered in a large ballroom. Each presentation, however, will also be accompanied by a poster, to be presented normally after dinner. The poster session will allow ample time for informal discussions. Additional free-forum poster presentations will also be invited.

Networking time will be scheduled during each early afternoon. This will allow participants to engage in informal discussions and to spend time together enjoying the many beautiful outdoors activities available at Mt. Tremblant (hiking, beach time, canoeing, walking around the village, golfing, …). The conference timeline will extend from Sunday afternoon to mid-day on Friday.

following topics :

1. Sustainable Energies
2. Integrated Biorefineries
3. Novel Catalytic and Bio-catalytic Processes
4. New Reaction Media and Clean Solvents
5. Process Design and Development
6. Process Intensification (Multifunctional reactors, Micro-structured reactors, Heat exchanger/reactors, Reaction/separation coupling (Membrane reactors, Adsorptive reactors, Reactive distillation, Reactive extraction)
7. Modelling and optimization (Experimental design, Optimal design, Advanced process control)
8. Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Green Processes
9. Green Process Engineering Education
10. Safety, Risk Management and Environmental Protection
11. New Opportunities in Green Process Engineering

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  • 19 - 24 de junio de 2016
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