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2017-12-06New repair coating material for the wind industry

Sika |The new corrosion protection coating SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor, developed in a research project, promises a significantly simpler, faster and more economical on-site repair of wind turbines.

The free of charge product training in Hamburg provides insight into the application possibilities for wind turbines and gives technical advice how to use the product. WINDSOURCING.COM is the exclusive supply partner of Sika Deutschland GmbH for the new product in the aftersales service market for the wind industry in Europe and organizes the product training on the 17th January and 21st February 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

Damage to the corrosion protection coating cannot entirely be ruled out when transporting heavy components of an offshore wind turbine and when assembling them under extreme maritime conditions. SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor, an outcome of the “RepaKorr” joint research project offers wind farm operators a reduction of time and costs. The four to five-hour product training addresses all service companies occupied with the maintenance and repair of on and offshore wind turbines. The training consists of a theoretical part and practical exercises. The aim is that after the training the participants can use the product reliably themselves and can pass this knowledge on to their employees and colleagues.

The solvent-free, two-component coating material has an early resistance to water and even cures under water in record time, while lamellar glass flakes increase stability. This enables the coating material to dry four hours faster than conventional systems. Its packaging unit makes it practical – industrial climbers performing repairs carry only a small load and are provided with handy mixing cartridges – so absolute process reliability is ensured while generating minimal waste. SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor is diffusion resistant, exhibits a color stability equal to that of two-component PUR enamels and just a single layer of it offers the same corrosion resistance of an initial coating ex works at just 500 µm. This has been verified by successful testing and certification in accordance with ISO 20340.

Sika chose WINDSOURCING.COM as exclusive supply partner for SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor in the aftersales service market for wind turbines in Europe. The company from Hamburg is a distributor of spare parts, repair materials and services, specialized on the wind energy market and supplies customers worldwide.

The product training will be conducted in both German and English and takes place on two alternative dates in Hamburg: on the 17 January and 21 February 2018 in the hotel Crowne Plaza Hamburg – City Alster.


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